The Dark Side

Inside all of us there seems to be a dark side, the one that tells us to do the things we will regret later.

There is nothing to be afraid of, as Deepak Chopra mentions in his book ” The Shadow”

” if we work closely with our own shadow instead of running away from it, we will find a peace hard to get anywhere else.”

Do you remember those movies where there isn angel in one side an a devil in the other side? The angel is telling to do the right thing, even if it will make us uncomfortable, and on the other side there is the devil, telling us to do what is not right. In the movies, most of the times the devil wins and the character ends up doing something that is wrong, even if it regrets that decision later.

We have those two sides in ourselves, one is the ego and the other one is our true Spirit, they both live inside of us, but only one is real (the Spirit) and the other one is not (the ego). And deep inside if us, we know that, we can identify what is true and what is not, and even if we listen to the other side, we know it is not right.

But we can’t fight the ego, because it is not real, and we can only fight what is real, instead of that, we can be aware of it, and choose not to listen to it. But that is not possible all the times, if it would be, then we would all be saints, and there wouldn’t be a need to be here on earth. During our lives we will certainly listen to the ego many times, but it is not a lost fight, if we are able to learn from our mistakes, then the ego starts loose its strength, and eventually we would listen to it less times than the ones we listen to the Spirit.

But there is something important we need to consider, we must not get angry to ourselves, for our mistakes, for the times we listened to the ego, If we do that, then we are listening to the ego twice.

We must learn from our mistakes, the we are reactivating the learning process that we had when we came to this world, the we would learn as much as we learned when we were toddlers, that everything was new and we learned so much because we made so many mistakes, but we learned from them always.

So next time you listen to your dark side, use it as a tool to learn from it and become a better person than you were before.

God Bless You

Never Mad Again

Did you ever think about the possibility that you could be Never Mad Again?

Did you ever think it was possible?

I believe it is.

I know anger is a choice. We just don’t know we have it.We have learned that anger is a natural reaction in humans. We are even taught that we “have ” to control anger, because an angry reaction hurts others and society doesn’t like those reactions.

Here is a new thought:

We don’t have to control anger. Instead, what about getting to a point where we have no reasons to get angry in the first place?

If we don’t have a reason to get angry, then we don’t have to control anger.

We believe we get angry because there is something out there that we don’t like, and that is the reason we are mad. But the same situation might not bother my neighbor, or my sister or other people; this means it is not the situation, but the thoughts we have about that situation.

We have the power to control our thoughts. We have the power to control what we think of any situation. Therefore we have control over anger.

Think about it.

And believe it is possible to be Never Mad Again.