Not Every Piece of Advice is the Ultimate Truth

Many times in my life I thought I had found the ultimate truth about something. But after a while I realize that the truth I believed simply did not work for me anymore. What felt true at a certain moment, may not be true later.

For example, the power of positive thinking. When I first read about it I started to consistently repeat affirmations to myself specifically regarding things I wanted for my life. It took some work on my part, maybe because I was still breaking out of my negative thinking habits. Before positive thinking, I did achieve some things that I did not believe were possible. But overall, I couldn’t achieve most of the things I wanted at that time.

For a long time I believed that all you needed to do was to think positively. Then you could manifest just about anything.  I even tried to convince others to do it. But, as in my own experience, some things worked, and some didn’t.

Then I began to understand that positive thinking does not work by itself. Positive thinking is just a small part of the whole creating process. I found out it was not only repeating affirmations, but believing with all your being it will happen. Suddenly, more of the things I wanted started to manifest, and I felt like I finally found the ultimate truth: POSITIVE THINKING PLUS BELIEVEING.

It worked better than just positive thinking, and I practiced it for a while with great success. But suddenly (again) it did not seem to be the ultimate truth anymore. I needed something else. Then I began to receive information about God, Source, Soul, Spirit, and more. They all talked about being connected to something higher than ourselves. This time everything made sense. Positive Thinking + Believing + Connecting to the Source = Truth.

It was at this stage that I recognized that God is not just a channel to get things you’re asking for, it is the essence of everything. When you are connected with God or the Source, your life is a manifestation of God. Of course it includes the things you want to manifest, but is has a higher purpose and it has a true meaning. Because when you are connected with God, you are connected with everything and everyone. To me, that is a powerful recipe for peace.

Now everytime I find “The Ultimate Truth,” I remember to dig deeper and experience for myself what the truth really is. But I will always know that the ultimate truth has a name: God.