We All Have Amazing Gifts

I have always been amazed by the gifts some people have. I also believe that most of us have gifts that have not risen to the surface yet.

If we only knew the potential inside of each of us, we could leave behind the fears and the limits we have in our minds. We would live a limitless life, and would use all the potential God gave to us when we were born. I think we would be amazed by our gifts, as well as others’.

In nature we also find God’s greatness– from the Monarch penguins that go to the same place every year, or the Monarch butterflies that return to the same branch every spring having only brains the size of a sand grains. All of these animals instinctively repeat their journeys every year. But we simply get used to it and expect it. What if we could see these feats of nature as the miracles they really are?

Watch this amazing video of a Thai elephant accessing her amazing artistic abilities.