Life is Denied by Lack of Attention (part two)

Being immerse in doing something Is being immerse in the present , it means you are “living”

When you have no track of time or space it means you are in the present moment.
Try to recall a time when you were doing something and all of your attention was only in the activity you were doing, a time when you suddenly realized time has just passed by and you didn’t notice, it could have been minutes or hours, but you were so immerse in the activity, that you did not let other thoughts get into your mind, you were so busy paying attention to what you were doing that you practically did not have any other thought.

This can happen to to people which meditate; meditators can just be in the meditation with no thoughts in their minds, where there is no need to be aware of time or space.

Those times are a perfect example of what it is to be living in the present moment, in those moments you are celebrating life; not denying life.

But we are all immerse in daily life activities, where we can’t be doing those activities we love, that help us be present, we have to do our shores, that maybe we don’t like that much, or do tasks that others gave to us to do. But those are also great opportunities to be aware of what we are doing, because it is on those times when our attention flies away from what you are doing.

So if we are able to realize it, and you start to pay attention to the activity itself (even though we don’t love doing it), then we start to do things better, because we are conscious of the activity itself, but most important is that we are living in the present, and when we are living in the present, we are alive.

Our ultimate goal should be aware of every moment in our lives, but I believe we can leave that to the enlightened ones, that have reached those levels of awareness. For Us, we can try to be much more aware of what we are now, We can remember this during several activities during the day, and then be aware of them.

Our primary goal is to remember we can be aware of what we are doing, and remember this during the day. As I mentioned before, we can start with little activities, then with others and so on.

At the end it is not that what the things we like doing make us happy, it is that we are aware of what we are doing, and we are just doing it in that particular moment, and that awareness gives us happiness.

My New YouTube Channel

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Not Every Piece of Advice is the Ultimate Truth

Many times in my life I thought I had found the ultimate truth about something. But after a while I realize that the truth I believed simply did not work for me anymore. What felt true at a certain moment, may not be true later.

For example, the power of positive thinking. When I first read about it I started to consistently repeat affirmations to myself specifically regarding things I wanted for my life. It took some work on my part, maybe because I was still breaking out of my negative thinking habits. Before positive thinking, I did achieve some things that I did not believe were possible. But overall, I couldn’t achieve most of the things I wanted at that time.

For a long time I believed that all you needed to do was to think positively. Then you could manifest just about anything.  I even tried to convince others to do it. But, as in my own experience, some things worked, and some didn’t.

Then I began to understand that positive thinking does not work by itself. Positive thinking is just a small part of the whole creating process. I found out it was not only repeating affirmations, but believing with all your being it will happen. Suddenly, more of the things I wanted started to manifest, and I felt like I finally found the ultimate truth: POSITIVE THINKING PLUS BELIEVEING.

It worked better than just positive thinking, and I practiced it for a while with great success. But suddenly (again) it did not seem to be the ultimate truth anymore. I needed something else. Then I began to receive information about God, Source, Soul, Spirit, and more. They all talked about being connected to something higher than ourselves. This time everything made sense. Positive Thinking + Believing + Connecting to the Source = Truth.

It was at this stage that I recognized that God is not just a channel to get things you’re asking for, it is the essence of everything. When you are connected with God or the Source, your life is a manifestation of God. Of course it includes the things you want to manifest, but is has a higher purpose and it has a true meaning. Because when you are connected with God, you are connected with everything and everyone. To me, that is a powerful recipe for peace.

Now everytime I find “The Ultimate Truth,” I remember to dig deeper and experience for myself what the truth really is. But I will always know that the ultimate truth has a name: God.

Seven Reasons to Have Ear To Ear Smiles

Is the opposite of anger, happiness?

I am not sure about that, but I am sure that if you are happy you can’t be angry at the same time. Smiling has the same effect. When you are smiling you feel happiness, even if it is not a natural smile. There is even Laughter Yoga, which is used to  heal some illness.

So when we smile or laugh there are many benefits:

  1. Smiling changes our mood
  2. Smiling is contagious
  3. Smiling relieves stress
  4. Smiling boosts your immune system
  5. Smiling lowers your blood pressure
  6. Smiling releases endorphines, natural pain killers
  7. Smiling lifts faces and makes you look younger

There is this organization named Lovin’ Life Group which was founded on the belief that appreciating life, having fun and smiling as often as possible will provide an opportunity for living a longer and healthier life.

This company is selling T-shirts with a huge smile printed at the front that is used to inspire people to smile. They sell the T-shirts for $19.99.

I remember once a group of girls offered me a lollipop  if I would give them a smile, which I did. I also remember that I was not smiling before, but after they asked me I had a huge smile on my face, and of course it made me feel great. So I hope in the future we can see more people like Lovin’ Life Group who want to see everyone smile because we all feel good.

So Smile!