The Dark Side

Inside all of us there seems to be a dark side, the one that tells us to do the things we will regret later.

There is nothing to be afraid of, as Deepak Chopra mentions in his book ” The Shadow”

” if we work closely with our own shadow instead of running away from it, we will find a peace hard to get anywhere else.”

Do you remember those movies where there isn angel in one side an a devil in the other side? The angel is telling to do the right thing, even if it will make us uncomfortable, and on the other side there is the devil, telling us to do what is not right. In the movies, most of the times the devil wins and the character ends up doing something that is wrong, even if it regrets that decision later.

We have those two sides in ourselves, one is the ego and the other one is our true Spirit, they both live inside of us, but only one is real (the Spirit) and the other one is not (the ego). And deep inside if us, we know that, we can identify what is true and what is not, and even if we listen to the other side, we know it is not right.

But we can’t fight the ego, because it is not real, and we can only fight what is real, instead of that, we can be aware of it, and choose not to listen to it. But that is not possible all the times, if it would be, then we would all be saints, and there wouldn’t be a need to be here on earth. During our lives we will certainly listen to the ego many times, but it is not a lost fight, if we are able to learn from our mistakes, then the ego starts loose its strength, and eventually we would listen to it less times than the ones we listen to the Spirit.

But there is something important we need to consider, we must not get angry to ourselves, for our mistakes, for the times we listened to the ego, If we do that, then we are listening to the ego twice.

We must learn from our mistakes, the we are reactivating the learning process that we had when we came to this world, the we would learn as much as we learned when we were toddlers, that everything was new and we learned so much because we made so many mistakes, but we learned from them always.

So next time you listen to your dark side, use it as a tool to learn from it and become a better person than you were before.

God Bless You

Infinite Patience Produces Immediate results

A quote from A Course in Miracles
Here A Course in Miracles is talking about attachments; because when you are not attached to the result, then you are more aware of the doing instead of the achieving. This means you are practicing infinite or endless patience, this patience is the patience of God. So when you have it, it means you are connected with God.

Dr. Bob Rotella a famous mind coach for several pro golfers tells us in his book “Golf is not a game of perfect”

“In golf as in life, you have to look at your target with soft eyes, confident about the result, but without any attachment, this takes away the pressure of executing a perfect shot and raises the chances of making an great shot”

Dr. Rotella is talking about the same concept as A Course in Miracles, to focus on the result, but to let it go, in other words “Let go and let God”. When you are not attached to the result, you are showing you have the confidence that you are going there, but if it does not happen, then you know that there are other perfect plans for you, and that an infinite intelligence knows better, what is best for you.

When you practice infinite patience, then you are practicing infinite Faith, not only faith in the results, but faith in God, the faith that tells you that everything is part of a perfect plan. When you practice infinite patience, you know deep inside of you that:

“Everything happens for my own sake”

This is the ultimate faith, this is the infinite faith A Course in Miracles talks about, a faith that creates immediate results, because when we are not attached to the results but focused on the target, and know inside of us that God has a perfect plan for me, then the results will show up, this way we will be able to achieve our goals better than before. Being anxious about the result, produces stress, and that takes us away from the goal and takes our attention on the thoughts we are having about it, the thoughts that most of the times are thoughts of failure instead of success. These failure thoughts we have when we are attached to our goal,create failure, because you start to focus on those thoughts instead of just be focused on the goal itself, and where your attention is focusing then the results will go on that direction.

So next time you feel anxious about a result of something you want, let go and let God.

How? Focus on the goal, and be Patience

Your Happiness Doesn’t Depend on the Place Where You Are

Imagine you are in a luxurious hotel on the beach, there is a gorgeous view from you room, you are seated in a hammock with a cold drink and in the perfect warm weather, then you receive a phone call, it is your assistant telling you you have lost everything you have in your business. You would not feel good, even though the place is a perfect place, the news make you feel miserable.
On the other hand imagine you are just walking on the street where you usually walk everyday, then you find an old friend from school that you have not seen for years, it makes you feel good, even though the landscape is the same you see everyday.
So happiness is not a matter of where you are, it doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the inside, yes a beautiful place surely helps for you to feel good, but it doesn’t guarantee that you would be happy in that place, and if a landscape makes you feel happy it is because you are connected from the inside with the landscape, therefore you feel happiness and bliss.
I remember one day I was driving back home and then I looked at the sky and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets i’ve ever seen, the clouds were so bright, lightened by the sun, with different colors each one, there were also light beams that crossed the clouds making it look like a Renaissance painting. I felt instantly happiness and bliss, because something that beautiful touched my soul. Then I thought everyone was enjoying that sunset as I was doing, but when I looked at the others drivers I realized that everyone was on their own business, trying to answer the phone, talking, but most of them seemed to be in autopilot, not focused on their driving, the road or the sunset, they were focused on their own thoughts, they were focused on the current of thoughts we all have inside of us, then I realized that I was the only one that was aware of the master piece of God painting a gorgeous sunset, just for me.
Next time you find yourself in a beautiful place, be aware of it and enjoy it.
And next time you realized you are have unpleasant feelings, be aware of them and remember that it all comes from the inside and you have the choice to change that, regardless of the place where you are.

God Bless You

Life is Denied by Lack of Attention (part two)

Being immerse in doing something Is being immerse in the present , it means you are “living”

When you have no track of time or space it means you are in the present moment.
Try to recall a time when you were doing something and all of your attention was only in the activity you were doing, a time when you suddenly realized time has just passed by and you didn’t notice, it could have been minutes or hours, but you were so immerse in the activity, that you did not let other thoughts get into your mind, you were so busy paying attention to what you were doing that you practically did not have any other thought.

This can happen to to people which meditate; meditators can just be in the meditation with no thoughts in their minds, where there is no need to be aware of time or space.

Those times are a perfect example of what it is to be living in the present moment, in those moments you are celebrating life; not denying life.

But we are all immerse in daily life activities, where we can’t be doing those activities we love, that help us be present, we have to do our shores, that maybe we don’t like that much, or do tasks that others gave to us to do. But those are also great opportunities to be aware of what we are doing, because it is on those times when our attention flies away from what you are doing.

So if we are able to realize it, and you start to pay attention to the activity itself (even though we don’t love doing it), then we start to do things better, because we are conscious of the activity itself, but most important is that we are living in the present, and when we are living in the present, we are alive.

Our ultimate goal should be aware of every moment in our lives, but I believe we can leave that to the enlightened ones, that have reached those levels of awareness. For Us, we can try to be much more aware of what we are now, We can remember this during several activities during the day, and then be aware of them.

Our primary goal is to remember we can be aware of what we are doing, and remember this during the day. As I mentioned before, we can start with little activities, then with others and so on.

At the end it is not that what the things we like doing make us happy, it is that we are aware of what we are doing, and we are just doing it in that particular moment, and that awareness gives us happiness.

There are Reasons to Believe in a Better World

I wish there would be more commercials like this one in the world.

In the last years, We have been bombarded with advertising, that makes us feel like we are missing something, making us feel we need to have their product, making women feel that we need to be as slim as the models they show on the commercials. All this because people in the commercials seem to be happy, and that make us feel that if we are not like them or if we don’t have what they have then we can’t be happy.

There is also the news that tell us most of the times that there are no good news in the world, that everything is wrong and that we live in a world that is getting worst every day.

Then I saw this commercial and it made feel good about the media. I am not sure if it made me want to buy a Coke, but it definitely made me believe that it could be someone in the media that can show us how the world really is: a world with love.

But love is not in the news, there are no news saying that a mother gives his son a kiss before he goes to school, or that she made his lunch with love. There are few news about all the help that is giving everyday in every corner of the world.

Oasis’ song is also inspiring teeling us to believe in ourselves instead of believeing in everything others say. I believe this video make us feel good and when we feel good it means we are connected with God, as Dr. Dyer says feel good equals feel God.

I hope you also have many reasons to believe in a better word
God Bless You

Anger takes you away from the Present Moment

“The most important thing we miss when we are mad is the present moment.”

Have you ever observed a child in the moment when he is really upset, he does not listen to us or to anybody.

Yesterday my oldest son was upset, and I was trying to talk to him asking him to pay attention, when my youngest son told me:

” He is not listening now that he is angry, it happens to me when I am upset too”

And it is true, when we are angry or upset, we are having in our minds thoughts about what happened, we are having thoughts about the past, trying to justify us and trying to convince us that the other person is wrong

Sometimes, we are having thoughts from the future, thinking about what we would do to that person or what are we going to do about the situation in the future.

All these thoughts are ego justifications; the ego does it because is trying to convince us that we are the ones that are right, therefore making the others wrong. The ego does this in order to distract us from the most important thing in our lives: The Present Moment.

This moment is also called ” The Present”, because it is a gift from God, and it is given to us in every breath we take, in every instant we are alive.

Therefore the secret is to be present, because in the present moment there is no place for anger, so if we know this, next time we are mad, it is possible that we could be able to return to the present, and in that moment we will realize, that the anger is only feeding us with thoughts from the past or the future.

If we commit to make an effort to be present most of the times during the day, then we will not only get to reduce the times we get mad, we will be living the life we were meant to live.

God Bless You

A “new” New Year’s resolution

2011 has just begun and most of us have some great resolutions for next year. Many of us have fallen short in past years in completing some of the most common ones including:

  • Quit smoking
  • Quit drinking too much
  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthier
  • Finish a race
  • Study something new

All of these resolutions have something in common. They focus on the body or the mind. But what about spirit? What about being a better human being?

This year I have a proposal that could change the way you live your life by only focusing on one single thing.

I propose a new New year’s resolution:

To decrease the times you get angry during this year.

If you could live without anger, here are some of the benefits you will receive:

  • You will be happier
  • You will have better relationships
  • The ones around you will be happier
  • You will connect more often with Spirit
  • Your will be healthier
  • You will achieve more goals
  • The way you see others will change
  • The way other see you will change
  • You will be closer to God

Besides of all these benefits, this resolution, even though it does not seem easy at the beginning, is very simple. Even if you get mad during the year, it does not mean you missed your goal. You simply want to decrease the times you get mad. So every time you don’t get mad, you achieve your goal. At the end of next year you will be by far better than you were at the beginning of the year.

You can also have other physical goals too. In fact, decreasing the times you get angry will help you to reach those goals– every time you fall short, you will not get mad at yourself, but you will learn about it, stand up and try it again.

Every step you take will make you better. And with every step you will get closer to God and his ultimate Peace.

God Bless you this year.
James Fontaine