Praying for the families in Newton Connecticut

Sandy-Hook-Connecticut-shooting-vigil-2-jpgWhat happened last weekend in Newton, left us speechless, even President Obama was in tears in his message to the nation.

I talked to some people that is afraid it could happen to their children, or to them, they fear it could repeat again somewhere else.

After what happened there, several emotions arise in us; anger, fear, doubt. What these emotions have in common is fear.

Then after we experience fear we start to change that emotion to anger, some people is angry at the Government, because the law that aloud people to buy guns. If you go to a superstore, you are able to easily buy a gun, but you are not allowed to buy penicillin without a prescription. Some are angry with the one that did it, or with their parents.

But being angry won’t help to improve that situation unless we initiate some action based on love not hate, unless we fight for what we believe it could be achieved, instead of what we hate.

Mother Teresa answered said :

I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.

We can’t fight what happened there with anger, because anger is what started this in the first place. That anger someone had been accumulating for years, manifested in a terrible way. We need to leave anger aside and learn from what happened there, and do something about it.

we need to keep working so kids at schools are not bullied, which has been one thing recurrent in people with that kind of behavior

If we want to change something, we need to change it with love, from the love that maybe this person didn’t have or didn’t believe they have.

To the families of the children, it is not possible for me to say something that could help them, just to pray for them, and pray that they find peace in their hearts soon.

My prayers are that in their hearts they could understand this principle of a Course in Miracles:

“Only love is real. Fear is not”

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God Bless you

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