“He who angers you conquers you.” –

This quote from Elizabeth Kenny contains so much true about anger.

What is a conquest?

A conquest is when you are able to govern others, it is when you are able to make others do what you want them to do. And that is exactly what others are doing when you get mad “because of them”. They have power over you, they have power over your emotions, you are doing what they want you to do.

It means we believe we are not responsible for our anger, instead we believe that others are responsible for it, we believe that our anger is originated in someone else, we believe we are not in control of our anger and our emotions, we believe others are.

If we believe this, then we are right, others can control our anger, and we can’t, because every time someone pushes the right button, we get mad, without noticing. We let others to be in control of our emotions, because we believe so, because we believe that it is the only way, because we are not aware of the true:
We react to situations, because of our believes, we don’t think we are wrong, be believe everybody else is wrong.

Emotions are generated inside of us because of our believe system, we get mad because we believe someone else is wrong.

The same action can get someone mad, and someone else not, then it means it is not the action, it is me who is creating anger, not the action.

For somebody, a child crying at church can be annoying, but someone else, wouldn’t even notice the sound. Then it is not the action; it is us.

This is the first step to get free of anger; to realize it is not the others, it is not an external action, the ones responsible for our anger; We are responsible for our anger, it is generated because of something we believe inside of us, it is because we believe others are wrong, and we are right.

Next time someone else “turns you mad” be aware of that, then you would be taking the first step towards freedom; free of anger.