Your Happiness Doesn’t Depend on the Place Where You Are

Imagine you are in a luxurious hotel on the beach, there is a gorgeous view from you room, you are seated in a hammock with a cold drink and in the perfect warm weather, then you receive a phone call, it is your assistant telling you you have lost everything you have in your business. You would not feel good, even though the place is a perfect place, the news make you feel miserable.
On the other hand imagine you are just walking on the street where you usually walk everyday, then you find an old friend from school that you have not seen for years, it makes you feel good, even though the landscape is the same you see everyday.
So happiness is not a matter of where you are, it doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the inside, yes a beautiful place surely helps for you to feel good, but it doesn’t guarantee that you would be happy in that place, and if a landscape makes you feel happy it is because you are connected from the inside with the landscape, therefore you feel happiness and bliss.
I remember one day I was driving back home and then I looked at the sky and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets i’ve ever seen, the clouds were so bright, lightened by the sun, with different colors each one, there were also light beams that crossed the clouds making it look like a Renaissance painting. I felt instantly happiness and bliss, because something that beautiful touched my soul. Then I thought everyone was enjoying that sunset as I was doing, but when I looked at the others drivers I realized that everyone was on their own business, trying to answer the phone, talking, but most of them seemed to be in autopilot, not focused on their driving, the road or the sunset, they were focused on their own thoughts, they were focused on the current of thoughts we all have inside of us, then I realized that I was the only one that was aware of the master piece of God painting a gorgeous sunset, just for me.
Next time you find yourself in a beautiful place, be aware of it and enjoy it.
And next time you realized you are have unpleasant feelings, be aware of them and remember that it all comes from the inside and you have the choice to change that, regardless of the place where you are.

God Bless You

Life is Denied by Lack of Attention (part two)

Being immerse in doing something Is being immerse in the present , it means you are “living”

When you have no track of time or space it means you are in the present moment.
Try to recall a time when you were doing something and all of your attention was only in the activity you were doing, a time when you suddenly realized time has just passed by and you didn’t notice, it could have been minutes or hours, but you were so immerse in the activity, that you did not let other thoughts get into your mind, you were so busy paying attention to what you were doing that you practically did not have any other thought.

This can happen to to people which meditate; meditators can just be in the meditation with no thoughts in their minds, where there is no need to be aware of time or space.

Those times are a perfect example of what it is to be living in the present moment, in those moments you are celebrating life; not denying life.

But we are all immerse in daily life activities, where we can’t be doing those activities we love, that help us be present, we have to do our shores, that maybe we don’t like that much, or do tasks that others gave to us to do. But those are also great opportunities to be aware of what we are doing, because it is on those times when our attention flies away from what you are doing.

So if we are able to realize it, and you start to pay attention to the activity itself (even though we don’t love doing it), then we start to do things better, because we are conscious of the activity itself, but most important is that we are living in the present, and when we are living in the present, we are alive.

Our ultimate goal should be aware of every moment in our lives, but I believe we can leave that to the enlightened ones, that have reached those levels of awareness. For Us, we can try to be much more aware of what we are now, We can remember this during several activities during the day, and then be aware of them.

Our primary goal is to remember we can be aware of what we are doing, and remember this during the day. As I mentioned before, we can start with little activities, then with others and so on.

At the end it is not that what the things we like doing make us happy, it is that we are aware of what we are doing, and we are just doing it in that particular moment, and that awareness gives us happiness.

Life is Denied by Lack of Attention ( part one)

Most of our lives we live without really paying attention to whatever we are doing in that moment.

When we are doing something, we are not thinking about what we are doing, we are thinking about what we are going to do next or what we did in the past. the problem here is that we are not aware of this lack of attention, because we have lived without it most of our lives.

Most of the times we are looking at a movie inside of our minds, the movie of our thoughts and the images that brain uses to understand those thoughts, and like when we are watching at a movie, what happens outside is what we care less and pay less attention, when we are watching a movie, there are so many things around us, but we are not aware of them, because we are only aware of the movie inside of us.

Like that, we are not aware of what we are doing, because we are only paying attention to our thoughts.

For example, next time you are doing something that is not ” important”, like going upstairs, opening a door, or driving on your way back home, try to think about what you are doing in that moment, and try not to think about anything else, but the movement of your legs and your body going upstairs or your hands on the driving wheel, try to feel your breath as well. Forget about why you are going upstairs or where you want to go upstairs, or where you are going, or what happened before, because if you think about it then you loose the awareness of the moment.

You can also do this when you are walking or when you are cooking or doing a task that does not seem “important” at the moment, but that you have to do, those are the moments when we easily loose the awareness of the moment.

When you be aware of those “not important” moments, then you can try to be aware of others, like being aware of what you are doing when you are playing with your kids, or when you are at work or listening to music.

Every time you are not aware of the moment, you are denying life itself………

For One Moment our Lives Met, our Souls Touched

This is an Oscar Wilde’s quote, and it matches perfectly the spirit of this video.

Each of us has experienced a connection with another human being for no reason. This is the same connection we have with our mothers before we were born, is the connection we are aware we have with God in certain moments. It is a connection that can’t be expressed with words, it is only experienced in that moment.

It is not only between two souls it is a connection of both souls in God. When we experience this it is because we are connected with God, then and only then, we can connect with the other soul.

This video was filmed in Italy, and it is part of a campaign in other cities in the world, most of the people has similar reactions, which you can see at youtube. People reject the hug because we are getting used to not trust strangers, to believe they only give away something if they want something in exchange from us, but if we don’t listen to our egos in those moments, then our souls rise to the surface and we experience that connection, that connection with God.

Hugs are free, and there are millions around the world every second, but they are not in the news.

It doesn’t matter if they are not news, we can give a hug and make it special for us, and for others. Good will is everywhere in the world, we just need to be aware of it instead if being aware of what is wrong. As I said before, ” I still believe in a better world”

God Bless You