There are Reasons to Believe in a Better World

I wish there would be more commercials like this one in the world.

In the last years, We have been bombarded with advertising, that makes us feel like we are missing something, making us feel we need to have their product, making women feel that we need to be as slim as the models they show on the commercials. All this because people in the commercials seem to be happy, and that make us feel that if we are not like them or if we don’t have what they have then we can’t be happy.

There is also the news that tell us most of the times that there are no good news in the world, that everything is wrong and that we live in a world that is getting worst every day.

Then I saw this commercial and it made feel good about the media. I am not sure if it made me want to buy a Coke, but it definitely made me believe that it could be someone in the media that can show us how the world really is: a world with love.

But love is not in the news, there are no news saying that a mother gives his son a kiss before he goes to school, or that she made his lunch with love. There are few news about all the help that is giving everyday in every corner of the world.

Oasis’ song is also inspiring teeling us to believe in ourselves instead of believeing in everything others say. I believe this video make us feel good and when we feel good it means we are connected with God, as Dr. Dyer says feel good equals feel God.

I hope you also have many reasons to believe in a better word
God Bless You

3 thoughts on “There are Reasons to Believe in a Better World

  1. Siempre hay mas cosas buenas que malas (como dice el video) y siempre hay gente buena al rededor, el chiste es saberlo ver, enfocarse en eso, en la bondad.
    TA V

  2. great post check out my blog at , i have still somehow lost hope becuase of corruption in my country. I have even blogged about it.

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