Anger takes you away from the Present Moment

“The most important thing we miss when we are mad is the present moment.”

Have you ever observed a child in the moment when he is really upset, he does not listen to us or to anybody.

Yesterday my oldest son was upset, and I was trying to talk to him asking him to pay attention, when my youngest son told me:

” He is not listening now that he is angry, it happens to me when I am upset too”

And it is true, when we are angry or upset, we are having in our minds thoughts about what happened, we are having thoughts about the past, trying to justify us and trying to convince us that the other person is wrong

Sometimes, we are having thoughts from the future, thinking about what we would do to that person or what are we going to do about the situation in the future.

All these thoughts are ego justifications; the ego does it because is trying to convince us that we are the ones that are right, therefore making the others wrong. The ego does this in order to distract us from the most important thing in our lives: The Present Moment.

This moment is also called ” The Present”, because it is a gift from God, and it is given to us in every breath we take, in every instant we are alive.

Therefore the secret is to be present, because in the present moment there is no place for anger, so if we know this, next time we are mad, it is possible that we could be able to return to the present, and in that moment we will realize, that the anger is only feeding us with thoughts from the past or the future.

If we commit to make an effort to be present most of the times during the day, then we will not only get to reduce the times we get mad, we will be living the life we were meant to live.

God Bless You

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