Objects in the Rear View Mirror They Appear Closer Than They Are

This blog idea came to me when I was on a plane listening to the Meat Loaf’s song. I had listened to that song many times and never found a real meaning in it, but this time It was different:
The rear view mirror is used to see the things we left behind, if we look at it in our lives we can see the objects in the mirror as the Past, and the past always looks to be closer in our lives than it is.
Most of us still live in the past, and because we are thinking about the past, we can’t live in the present moment, which is the most important thing in our lives.
We all come to the place we are now because of the decisions we have taken in the past and because of the moments we lived before this one, but the past does not really exist now, the only thing that exists is the present, the past is like a movie in our minds, you can see it,but you can’t touch it, or change it.
When we live regreting the things we did in the past, the decisions that hurt others or that were painful for us, then we can’t see the most important gift we have in our lives; the Present.
As Victor Frankl* said:
“God did not gave us life when we were concibed, God gives us the gift of life in every breath we take.
And in every breath there is the present moment.”
Inside of our minds the past always looks closer than it is, it looks closer , because we want it to be that way, when we stop feeding our mind with thoughts of the past and just start being, then the past can work for us in order to learn from that movie, knowing that we can’t change it.
Instead if we learn from the past we can change the future, which eventually will become The Present.

*Victor Frankl was an Holocaust surviver, he wrote the book Man in Search of Meaning and developed the Logotheraphy, which is considered “the Third Viennese School of Psychology” it is based on the premise that the primary motivational force of an individual is to find a meaning in life.


One thought on “Objects in the Rear View Mirror They Appear Closer Than They Are

  1. Tus comentarios estan llenos de sabiduria, gracias por compartir tus pensamientos y permitirnos aprender de ellos, somos tus fans. familia rocha islas, te enviamos mucho cariño y agradecemos a Dios el tener el gusto de conocerte y saber la gran persona que eres. Que agradecidos podemos estar en el momento presente por tantas bendiciones! Muy bien dicho James!

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