A “new” New Year’s resolution

2011 has just begun and most of us have some great resolutions for next year. Many of us have fallen short in past years in completing some of the most common ones including:

  • Quit smoking
  • Quit drinking too much
  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthier
  • Finish a race
  • Study something new

All of these resolutions have something in common. They focus on the body or the mind. But what about spirit? What about being a better human being?

This year I have a proposal that could change the way you live your life by only focusing on one single thing.

I propose a new New year’s resolution:

To decrease the times you get angry during this year.

If you could live without anger, here are some of the benefits you will receive:

  • You will be happier
  • You will have better relationships
  • The ones around you will be happier
  • You will connect more often with Spirit
  • Your will be healthier
  • You will achieve more goals
  • The way you see others will change
  • The way other see you will change
  • You will be closer to God

Besides of all these benefits, this resolution, even though it does not seem easy at the beginning, is very simple. Even if you get mad during the year, it does not mean you missed your goal. You simply want to decrease the times you get mad. So every time you don’t get mad, you achieve your goal. At the end of next year you will be by far better than you were at the beginning of the year.

You can also have other physical goals too. In fact, decreasing the times you get angry will help you to reach those goals– every time you fall short, you will not get mad at yourself, but you will learn about it, stand up and try it again.

Every step you take will make you better. And with every step you will get closer to God and his ultimate Peace.

God Bless you this year.
James Fontaine

One thought on “A “new” New Year’s resolution

  1. So true!! Without the blowing up, then there is no emotional hangover. Without the emotional hangover, better connection to Source and more energy and Joy!! A great resolution! Thanks!

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