Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

I spend much of my time trying to explain exactly what the ego is and its influence in our lives. Sometimes, a simple metaphor is the best instruction.

Let’s say that life is a cup of coffee. The cup itself represents what we possess, the titles we have, what we have achieved, even the opinions of others about us as well as our fears. Inside the cup is the coffee– the substance of our lives. The coffee is the actual content with its flavors and nuances and the majority of our sensory experiences.

So the cup is our ego. Sometimes we believe our ego/cup is beautiful and special. Other times, we compare our cups to other people’s cups and feel critical, judgmental and even angry.

Too often, we believe life is the cup, not the coffee. But we have to pay attention to the substance of life independent of the container it is placed in. Like coffee, life floats above and around us like steam rising. We can experience its depth even without noticing the cup itself. 

Such as life, the coffee can only be tasted in the present moment. You can only enjoy life if you live in the present moment; life is now. Drink up!

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