I Can Only Imagine

2.4 mi. swim • 112 mi. bike • 26.2 mi. run
Ironman is one of the hardest events on earth. For most people it sounds impossible to achieve. But for Rick Hoyt it did’t sound like that, even though he experienced brain damage at birth and he couldn’t move his body. He only can communicate by a computer which he moves when he blinks his eyes. He asked his father to race with him, and when they did it for the first time he said, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.”

Their first race was a 5 mile run and they finished close to last. Since then they have completed several marathons and 6 Ironman competitions.

When I first saw this video I was in shock and I could not believe it– a father pushing his son to the finish line. That was when I decided to compete in triathlons. If this “super dad” ( as he has been named) could do that with his son, I could do it. And next May, hopefully I will complete my first Ironman.

As with Nick Vujocic (from a previous post) their parents did not know what God’ plans were for their sons. Now, I am pretty sure they do.

So, I can do it and so can you. Anything that you decide to achieve in your life you can. It may sound like a “cliche” , but next time you feel you can’t do something, and that you just can’t continue, go back and watch again this video. I am sure it will uplift you and encourage you to continue on your quest.

There is another inspiring story in the video. The song is “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me is an American contemporary Christian band. Mercy Me’s vocalist Bart Millard’s father died from cancer when Millard was 18 years-old. Millard began writing the words “I can only imagine” on items when he was thinking about his father. He wrote the song in 1999 by drawing on his thoughts and personal faith about what one would experience upon meeting Jesus in Heaven. He wrote the song asking God what was so important about him that his Father wanted to be with him instead of his son.

The result is this beautiful song that perfectly fit into the video that has changed many lives like the Hoyt family, Bart Millard and me.

Team Hoyt website is www.teamhoyt.com

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