Listen to God

If you want to hear what God wants to tell you, close your eyes , quiet your thoughts and listen.

We have been thaught to pray by talking to God, but we have not been taught to listen to see if God is talking to us. Consider the story about a religious man who got caught in a flood. He was so sure God would not let him drown, then a boat passed and offered him help. But he said, “I am a religious person and I am sure God will help me.” After a few hours the water started to rise and a motorized boat passed by offering help, but he again replied “I am a religious person and I am sure God will help me.” At the end of the day the water was so high he had to climb to the roof. Then a helicopter passed by and offered help, but the man was so sure God would help him that he didn’t accept it. As the water got higher, the man finally drowned. When he arrived in heaven, he asked God why He had not sent help and God replied, ” I sent you two boats and a helicopter and you rejected them!”

When we pray, we have a tendency to talk and not wait for God’s reply. Are we listening?

God is in the silence, which is inside of us. He is in the space between our thoughts, but we often have so many thoughts, we don’ t permit ourselves to quietly listen to God’s response. Meditation is a great way to go back to this silence, calming our minds and making us conscious of the space between our thoughts.

So the next time you feel like praying, listen to God first. You may not need to say a single word.

2 thoughts on “Listen to God

  1. Hej!
    Jag känner i all tysthet att Gud är så ödmjuk och kärleksfull att jag ofta störs av min rädsla och lystnad att jag förvränger i ett kaos vad jag egentligen låts förstå. I bland har jag undrat om det är Gud som har gett mig tillfälle att förstå. Det jag egentligen förstod var eller kändes rätt i hjärtats facit. Jag snubblar vidare, så att säga. Jag undrar, är det möjligtvis detta du talar om. I så fall är det ödmjukhet mot allt levande som ger förmåga att stanna upp och lyssna, om jag nu har rätt. Jag har ibland undrat om det är hjärtats (shen) röst jag känner i mina tankar.

    Med vänlig hälsning!

  2. Someone once said that God is in the space between everything. Much like your comment that “God is in the silence.” I think that silence is the space between sound or our thoughts. Thanks for your post. Blessings, Sherry

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