THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS: We are All Meant to Fly

The Butterfly Circus is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.

It reflects the beliefs of many people who think they are only caterpillars, and they simply aren’t aware that they can become butterflies. People tend to only think about their limitations and their circumstances, so they can’t see their real potential. It is this potential that comes out when you change  your  defeatist thoughts and start listening to the wise master inside of each of us.

Most of the obstacles we have in our lives come from our own limiting thoughts which prevent us from flying. But when we start listening to our real spirit, then we remenber we were meant to be more than what we used to believe.  Then, the magic begins and we transform ourselves in cocoons, and eventually in a beautiful butterflies.

This is what The Butterfly Circus is all about.

Have some paper tissues at hand, and after you have watched both parts of the movie, I recommend you visit NICK VUJICIC’s website at

Nick has the gift to inspire everyone that sees his story or attends his speaking engagements. If there is a time when you feel like you can’t take it or you can’t do something, watch these videos. They will remind you of your greatness and the power within you. They will remind you that you can fall down a thousand times, but you can rise a thousand more.

For me Nick is one of the best examples of human greatness and a great inspiration in overcoming extraordinary obstacles. In other words, he is a great reminder that we came to this world to fly.


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