The Rescue of the Chileans Miners, The Rescue of the Spirit of Humanity

I believe in Humanity.

I believe we were meant to do extraordinary things, beyond our limits.

One the best examples I can find is the rescue of the miners in Chile:

The images were all around the world at the moment it was happening– millions of people watched the first miner, Florencio Avalos, come out of the Fenix capsle with tears in his eyes. Those involved in the rescue, and Florencio’s family, also had tears, as well as people around the world.

As we the world watched, we felt a connection with the miners and their families. We felt compassion towards them, but we also felt joy as if we were with Florencio in that moment and feeling the same joy.

It was a miracle. Not only the rescue, but the miracle of the present moment we all experienced together. That is the miracle I want to talk about.

It was as if millions of people were one at the same time. We did not know the miners, and most of the viewers never had seen pictures of them before. We did not know their stories, but we felt the same joy they felt when they were rescued. For a moment everyone was one with the miners, and we felt an unexplainable  joy, the joy of being connected with someone else.

It was as if for a moment we all remembered we were ONE. One with all humanity, and one with God, and all the joy we felt was because of that. We remembered what it was to be connected with God, and therefore with everything and everyone.

I cherish that moment, which was not only important for the Chileans, for President Pinera and  for the miners-which was maybe the most important in their lives- but for humanity and for the  human spirit. Everything converged in the moment of that first rescue.

It is moments like these when we are reminded that we can do extraordinary things if we only believe. In these moments, we can all believe in humanity and the power of the human spirit.

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