Never Mad Again

Did you ever think about the possibility that you could be Never Mad Again?

Did you ever think it was possible?

I believe it is.

I know anger is a choice. We just don’t know we have it.We have learned that anger is a natural reaction in humans. We are even taught that we “have ” to control anger, because an angry reaction hurts others and society doesn’t like those reactions.

Here is a new thought:

We don’t have to control anger. Instead, what about getting to a point where we have no reasons to get angry in the first place?

If we don’t have a reason to get angry, then we don’t have to control anger.

We believe we get angry because there is something out there that we don’t like, and that is the reason we are mad. But the same situation might not bother my neighbor, or my sister or other people; this means it is not the situation, but the thoughts we have about that situation.

We have the power to control our thoughts. We have the power to control what we think of any situation. Therefore we have control over anger.

Think about it.

And believe it is possible to be Never Mad Again.

2 thoughts on “Never Mad Again

  1. I love the title of your book. It is so true, there is no need to be angry. When I first meet my guru, he said something that really got me thinking and putting it into practise. He said, “ Arguing is the hell on earth.“ From then on I`ve been practising meditation daily. We also practise an open eye meditation too, this helps us to be more at peace just about anywhere. There are also breathing exercises, focusing on the breath is also very important. I`ve noticed greater control when I am confronted by someone who is angry, there is more peace within me and I am able to stay calm. Why can`t all the politicians do this……

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